Frequently Asked Questions


How do I make a booking enquiry?

Please use the Enquiry Form on this web site.

Is there car parking available?

Immediately outside the Hall is a large car park (up to 40 cars).

What’s the layout of the Hall?

We have an foyer which leads onto the main hall, storage room and kitchen and a lobby which leads onto the main hall, meeting room and kitchen.  There are also lavatories for ladies, gentlemen and our disabled users. A diagram of the hall layout can be found on the Facilities page.

What access is there to the kitchen?

The kitchen is directly accessible from the lobby and there are two serving hatches. The use of the kitchen is included in the hire charge, please just ensure you book the use of the kitchen when making your booking.

Can I visit the Hall before I book to see if it’s suitable?

We welcome prior visits to enable you to be sure that our Hall is what you want for your event. Please contact us via email or phone to arrange your visit.

Are there facilities for the disabled?

The hall is fully accessible for those in wheelchairs, and there is a large lavatory especially equipped for the disabled. There are no significant floor level changes inside.

What appliances are available in the kitchen?

We have many appliance available for use in the kitchen including a large amount of basic cutlery, plates etc. Please look at our Facilities page where everything is listed.

Is there any free time allowed for setting up and/or clearing up?

No. We ask that you book and pay for all the time you will be in occupation; this will include any time necessary for setting-up and clearing down.

Can I provide alcohol at my event?

Dial Post Village Hall has a music and alcohol licence – Alcohol may be consumed on the premises. If you want to provide alcohol for your booking you must fill out the Application for a licensed bar beforehand.

Do you have any restrictions as to who can hire the Hall?

We do not hire the Hall to anyone aged less than 21 years, nor to anyone who may still owe money to the Hall for any reason. We also do not allow parties for people between the ages of 12 and 25 years old.


What should I do in the event of a fire?

Please refer to and familiarize yourself with our policies prior to the event. As the hirer you are the designated responsible person and the safety of all users is of primary importance.

There is some faulty equipment at the Hall; what should I do?

We’d be pleased if you would report it to us. If a malfunction is interfering with the proper running of your event, you may report it immediately to any of the people whose numbers appear on the Contact page.

How do I operate the cooker/heaters/lights/other equipment?

There is a comprehensive guide to the operation of the Hall’s equipment on the Policies page.


What time must we leave?

The Hall must be vacated by the end of your specified booking period.


I’d like to leave some feedback on my experience of the Hall. How do I do this?

We should be very grateful if you wish to share any opinion of the Hall and/or the volunteers you have dealt with during the hire process. Please use the feedback form to let us know what you thought!